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NJ Radio Nets
Everyday 1930
Union County
Traffic Net
Everyday 2200 on the
NJR Linked System
Monmouth County
W2GSA Repeater
Mondays 1930
W2GSA Repeater
Tuesdays 2030
Ocean County
Wednesdays 2030
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Meeting Date
Sat. Dec. 16
Place: Perkins
2027 Rt 35 Wall
0900 hours
Moore Soon!
2018 Events
Get Your Technician
License In 1 Day
at our
2018 Hamcram
Sat Feb 24th 2018
Bayville FAS
Building - 660 Rt 9
0800 Hours Sharp!
NJ Marathon
Sunday April 29, 2018
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Amateur Radio
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Communications Team
Let's bring North and South Jersey together
by combining efforts to offer "Public Service Communications" to the entire state.

"This is the organization for the Active Ham Radio Operator"

To join, print this application by clicking here and mailing it or bring it to a meeting.

Club Details:

The Charter Meeting was held and the club officially formed on 12/19/2015.

We provide routine and emergency communications for local non-profit events and to local, county, state, and federal authorities in times of disaster using our member resources. Our objective is not replace any current group or organization, but supplement their activities with additional resources when neccessary. You are encouraged to join us or stay active through your local affiliated club. Members will only be required to attend one meeting and one event per year and there are no dues.

This club's main goals are to disseminate information about events state wide to promote volunteerism through Amateur radio and to directly support those events with Amateur radio operators, like you.

We can do that through email, the email server, and directly over Amateur Radio Affiliated Nets through our members.

You can pick and choose what event you would like to participate in based on the date, time, place, length of the event and what the particular event requires. No one is expected to volunteer beyond their means.

This website and email list server is the central point of contact to reach all our members and organizations that have joined us to exchange information for communications services.

Event Sponsors:
Email us details of your event so we can reach out to member and member organizations for extra help in the form of communicaton operators, information or other resources when you need it.

Members: Please join the list server on the left to receive periodic updates! Notifications and other correspondence will only be sent to the members of the list server, so be sure to join it today!

To join, print this form by clicking here and mailing it or bring to a meeting.

For your Amateur Radio Club to be Affiliated with us, just propose it as a resolution at one of your meetings and
send us a copy of your meeting minutes that contains the approved resoultion along with our membership application.

Please monitor the National Calling Frequency 146.520 Mhz
Change to a working frequency when contact is made!

Some local repeaters:
K2HESBayville145.310 (-6) 141.3
N2IXUBayville448.475 (-5) 74.4 (encode only)
N2IXUManasquan445.675 (-5) 94.8
WA2RESToms River449.825 (-5) 131.8

Thanks go to the attendees and all who helped make our last February Hamcram*
a successful day in getting 8 out of 15 more people to obtain their license.

*Our HAMCRAM is a session that goes over the entire Technician Class Question Pool with a test given immediately afterwards.

Take the Amateur Radio License tests at any one of these locations:
3rd Thursday of the month 1900 hoursJersey Shore Amateur Radio SocietyToms RiverJSARS

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