NJECT Emblem
New Jersey Emergency Communications Team
Club Call Sign: NJ2CT
A non-profit 501(c)3 organization as registered with the IRS

Let's bring North and South Jersey together by combining efforts
to offer "Public Service Communications" for the entire state.
Mission Statement

"It shall be the goal of NJECT to promote the use of Amateur Radio in assisting the management and communications of all New Jersey non-profit events and fund raisers conducted by organizations that have met the state and/or federal meaning of not-for-profit. NJECT shall provide assistance in gathering information about these types of events and forwarding this information to all members and member groups. When requested, NJECT will aid them in their non-profit endeavors and help to manage their safe and orderly operation to their conclusion using the appropriate means available as agreed upon between NJECT and the requesting organization primarily with the use of Amateur Radio."

Additionally, we hold "HAMCRAMS" around the Tri-State area to enable busy people to get their Amateur Radio
Technician License in just 1 day! Just click our HAMCRAM link above to find out more.

Download/View our Club information flyer to share with others:
NJECT Brochure.pdf